Apply to work with the Math & Science Learning Center

The MSLC has opportunities for undergraduate tutors, peer leaders, learning assistants, and general staff.  Please use the links below to apply for positions in the MSLC!

Peer Leader

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Science Peer Leader to support student learning in select Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Earth and Environmental Sciences, or Physics courses.

At this time, all Peer Leader positions have been filled for Spring 2020 with the exception of Physics.  Please complete the form at the link below and email a copy of your Spring schedule to MSLC Director, Danielle Liubicich (dlubi@uic.edu) if you are interested in supporting PHYS courses.

Our staff will contact you if any available positions match your experience and interests in future semesters if you have already applied but have not been placed in a course for Spring 2020.  Please note that all new Peer Leaders are required to complete a training course (NATS 200) to help prepare them for this important work.

Please direct any questions about the Peer Leader program to the MSLC Director (dlubi@uic.edu) at any time.

Apply to be a PHYS Peer Leader for Spring 2020

MATH Tutor or Grader

Thanks so much for your interest in supporting UIC student learning!

MATH /STAT tutor positions will be posted here as soon as they become available in future semesters.  All positions have been filled for Fall 2019.

Please contact Ignacio Alvarez (ialva2@uic.edu), Director of Advising, Outreach, and Math Placement, with any additional questions about these MATH positions.

Apply to be a MATH tutor or grader

MATH Learning Assistant

Thank you for your interest in the Math Learning Assistant Program. We invite undergraduate students with excellent math and communication skills to become learning assistant in math courses from 090 through 181. Being a Learning Assistant is a weekly commitment of at least six hours per week, including assisting in lectures, working with students in the Math and Science Learning Center on a regular basis, and meeting with the course coordinator and other LAs, with an additional requirement for new LAs to participate in a one credit hour math education course.


We are no longer accepting applications for the Spring 2020 Learning Assistant Program.  Applications for the Fall 2020 semester will be available later in the spring semester.  If you have questions about this wonderful program, please contact Debra Levine at dlevin6@uic.edu.

MATH Academic Support

MSLC Ambassador

Our dedicated team of MSLC Ambassadors greet all visitors entering the Center, help direct visitors to the various academic services provided in the Center, assist with general logistics including the sign in process, help maintain a welcoming learning environment for all, and serve as leaders in this wonderful space.

At this time, all positions have been filled for the Spring 2020 semester.  You are welcome to submit an application to indicate your interest, and if any new positions open up that match your availability, the MSLC staff will contact you as soon as possible.

Please note:  To be eligible for the Ambassador position, applicants must be enrolled as undergraduate students at UIC for the current semester.

Thanks so much for your interest in joining our team!

Apply to be an Ambassador