Join a study group or visit your instructor or TA during student drop-in hours through the MSLC

Please visit any of the online CHEM sessions for assistance in your chemistry courses.  Please drop-in at any time as no appointments are necessary!

Sessions offered through the MSLC website links will be listed below.  Please note that additional sessions and course support may be provided through your course Blackboard sites directly.  Please visit your course sites and reach out to your instructors for further information.

All online sessions will take place online utilizing the Blackboard Collaborate Ultra platform unless otherwise noted.  If you need assistance in utilizing this platform to attend sessions, please visit the UIC Academic Continuity page for additional resources.

When entering an online session, please note:

By joining these online sessions, all participants agree to sign in with their first name (rather than anonymous / screen name), use respectful language, and maintain a welcoming learning environment at all times.  The moderator may record the session for training purposes, however, no portion of this session shall be recorded or shared by participants.  Please follow any additional session instructions provided by your moderator, and please ask any questions you may have at any time during the session.  Thank you for joining this interactive learning experience!


*** MARCH 30: We are currently in the process of updating all support schedules at this time.  Please visit your course Blackboard sites for additional academic support information. ***

March 30 Update

The MSLC is currently closed to visitors but academic support services are available online!

Please check the MSLC academic support  pages as well as your course Blackboard sites for further information about peer tutoring, student drop-in hours, and review sessions.  

Please reach out to us if you have any questions at any time:

Our team is happy to support your continued studies, and we send best wishes for a peaceful semester!

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CHEM Online Academic Support

To view the various academic support services for CHEM courses, please select from the dropdown menu in the upper left corner of the table below.  Services are color coded by the type of academic provider (TA, faculty, Peer Leader).  You may download the information on this table as a PDF or image anytime using the icon at the lower right hand corner of the table.

Key:  TA = Teaching Assistant


Spring 2020 CHEM Academic Support

Online CHEM 234 Support Sessions

Please use the link below to sign up for an online peer-led study session for CHEM 234.  Online review/study sessions will be offered using the Blackboard Collaborate platform throughout the semester.  Please sign up as soon as possible each week to attend a Wednesday or Sunday evening session.  To confirm enrollment, the moderator will send participants an email containing a link to join the upcoming online session.

We piloted this program in CHEM 232 during the Fall 2019 semester, and look forward to offering more online support services in the future.

Please email the MSLC Director ( if you have any questions at any time.

Sign Up for Online CHEM 234 Sessions

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