Join a study group, visit your TA during office hours, and find tutoring at the MSLC!

Please visit the MSLC to participate in a Peer Led Study Group session or meet with a Teaching Assistant for general PHYS tutoring.  No appointments necessary!  Please come learn with us!

To view the various academic support services for PHYS courses, please select a course level from the dropdown menu in the upper left corner of the table below for Peer Led Study Group sessions or choose General Tutoring to find times Teaching Assistants are available in the MSLC.  Services are color coded by the type of academic provider (TA, faculty, Peer Leader).  You may download the information on this table as a PDF or image anytime using the icon at the lower right hand corner of the table.

Key:  TA = Teaching Assistant,   PL = Peer Leader


PHYS Academic Support Schedule

UIC Department of Physics