Are you a UIC undergraduate that wants to help others learn math?

The Mathematical Sciences Learning Center hires undergraduates to be tutors for other undergraduates seeking help with their mathematical coursework.

A tutor's responsibilities are to be present in the learning center during their scheduled hours and either directly help students who have mathematics questions or assist them to find the help they need from other TAs or faculty also working in the learning center.

Tutors may be hired because of expertise in specific courses, or to generally help with students from all courses in the learning center. We hire from a variety of majors and levels of experience. Grades in mathematics coursework and a faculty recommendation will be considered when making hiring decisions.

Tutors need to be outgoing and have a helpful demeanor, as the most important aspect of the job is to help others and create an environment conducive to learning. Tutors must also be mathematically curious and be good role models of solid mathematical practices (problem solving, perseverance, abstract reasoning) for others. Prior tutoring experience not necessary but highly valued.

Most tutors work an average of six hours per week, at a rate of $10 per hour. Some students work less, and some work more, depending upon scheduling.


Begin the application process below to become an MSLC undergraduate tutor.

  • Name * Required
  • Please list a faculty member who endorses your application to become a tutor. They will be contacted by the MSLC - a recommendation letter is not required. The faculty member does not have to be from UIC if you are a new or transfer student.
  • Please list all math courses taken at UIC, including semester taken and final grade.
  • Please list all math courses taken, after algebra / geometry. This could include classes taken in high school or other universities. Include where the class was taken, when, and final grade.
  • List hours that you are available or prefer to tutor. The MSLC is open Monday through Friday from 8 AM to 6 PM during the fall and spring semesters (with shorter hours in the summer).
  • Do you have any experience tutoring other students in math or other subjects, in formal or informal settings? If so, briefly describe. If left blank, we will assume you have no prior experience (which is ok).
  • Briefly explain why you are interested in becoming an undergraduate tutor at the MSLC.
  • Learning Assistant * Required
    Would you also like to be considered for a learning assistant position? Learning assistants attend one math course to help out, and then also hold office hours, for a commitment of 6 hours per week. This would be instead of or in addition to being an MSLC tutor.

What's next?

After submitting the initial application, we will get in touch with you. Depending upon the time of the semester and scheduling needs, this could be a few days or a few weeks.

If your application moves to the next step in the process, you’ll receive an e-mail to schedule a time to take a math proficiency test. This helps us assess your mathematical skills and abilities. We’ll also reach out to the faculty member you listed as a reference (so be sure to let them know that we’ll be contacting them about you, if you haven’t already).

The final step in the hiring process will be an interview. Once that is complete, if your entire application is successful, you’ll go through the hiring process with the math department and undergraduate student employment. And then you’ll be ready to tutor!


Other undergraduate employment opportunities

If you are interested in becoming a grader for the math department, please go to the math department office in SEO 322 and fill out the grader application form. Do not fill out the above form if you want to be a grader. Do not fill out the paper form if you want to be an MSLC tutor. Got it? Good!